This is the most efficient way of cleaning up the outside of your house. A strong water pressure will shift grime from pathways and from walls and buildings. But it can do damage if it is not done correctly. Avoid problems and ensure the job is done correctly.

It is not always necessary to pressure wash your house on a strict schedule, such as every year at the end of summer. You might have a “dirty” summer one year, but next year is not so “dirty”. The answer to the “How Often” question is, “whenever it needs to be washed”. There are some factors to be taken into consideration.

Your climate might affect how dirty the house is. Heat and humidity can invite algae and mildew, so look out for this if you live in a hot area. Pollution from traffic, factories and the like, is also a contributing factor. Salt spray, if your home is near the coast, can also have a detrimental effect. You may need to wash more often. Trees and foliage near the house can deposit sap. Birds and animals also contribute to grime on your house.

Mould and mildew can be serious health hazards, and can affect people with asthma or other respiratory conditions. If you family is at risk, then cleaning away mould and mildew is necessary on a more regular basis.

When it’s time to paint the exterior of the house, it is certainly preferable to have the house washed down, because applying the paint is easier and will adhere best if the surface is clean and dry. For any external renovations or upcoming major projects, it is recommended that you clean the house first. And if you are planning to sell the house, a shiny clean house is much more presentable and attractive to potential buyers.

Of course there are benefits to power cleaning your house. Firstly, it will keep your house looking great. It is an easy way to add an element of attraction to your home. And don’t forget the roof, it needs to be cleaned as well. Sometimes the roof is not visible from the street, so any grime and mildew on the roof will not be noticed. So it is essential, when pressure cleaning, to have a look at the roof to see if it needs to be done as well. Grime and mildew can proliferate on the roof and as mentioned before, this can cause health problems.

Grime and mildew can also cause damage to your home, so to power wash your house on a regular basis will help to prevent damage, and preventative maintenance will mean there will be less major damage in the future.

While power washing is something that a home handyman or handywoman can accomplish, in some situations it may be beyond the ability of the householder. If your house looks like it needs a good bit of spit and polish, call your local pressure washing serviceman like the ones from Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast.