We can’t control the weather, so there really are instances wherein things don’t go as planned. If you have set your power washing day on a rainy day without any idea that it’s going to be a rainy day, the question that is going to roam on your mind is: Should I continue the power wash when it’s raining?

We’re not going to give you one simple answer because there isn’t one. Continuing and not continuing are both fine so long as you don’t become careless. Here are two perspectives to make things clear.

You Should Continue the Power Wash

When we talk about washing, there’s water involved. One good thing about power washing during the rainy days is the fact that you don’t have to worry about the water supply because the clouds are giving it to you, and for free. You are basically teaming up with the weather to clean the house, and that’s so … sweet.

Moreover, it’s quite difficult to remove dirt during the dry season because everything dries out fast, including the cleaning solution. The sun suddenly becomes an enemy that  you’ll find hard to defeat. What’s more, it’s hard to see things clearly when the sun’s out. Unless you feel like wearing sunglasses while battling with dirt, then this is a problem.

Also, it isn’t inevitable for the cleaning solution to spread to areas where it isn’t welcome, like near our plant friends. The rain can help you wash it off.

Having said that, power washing while it’s raining is fine because there are a lot of benefits … but that’s provided that the rain isn’t accompanied by thunder and lightning. If that’s the case, then might as well do it some other time as continuing the power wash may be harmful, and life-threatening even.

You Should NOT Continue the Power Wash

You can’t be able to power wash without electricity because the equipment that will be used won’t work without it. But then, we all know that water and electricity aren’t and can never be best friends (unless we’re talking about pure water, which is an insulator), so if the date can be moved at a later date, move it instead of risk everything, especially your life.

That’s the most serious thing that can happen, but there are some other possibilities that could prove that power washing while it’s raining is not a good idea, such as slipping. Slipping isn’t rare during the rainy season. In fact, a lot of people have experienced it, and some of them had to go to the hospital to treat their wounds or injuries.

Your house won’t fall to pieces if you don’t power wash it as soon as possible. Choose to be safe. You only have one life. But if it must be power washed now and it’s non-negotiable, just call in professional power washers rather than do the task yourself. They should know the right thing to do.

Another option is to call in the professionals like Pressure Cleaning Adelaide to do the job for you. This will save the hassle of making these decisions yourself.