The main difference between seamless gutters and seamed gutters is the way they are created and installed. Seamed gutters are also called sectional gutters, and it is because they are installed section by section. Seamless gutters aren’t. With seamless gutters, the material that will be used for the gutters is cut on site.

As for the appearance, seamless gutters look better than seamed gutters, which is why they are the choice of most homeowners. They aren’t cheap, though, but there’s nothing to worry about paying more because they last longer than seamed gutters, especially if a high-quality material was used.

We have only mentioned a few differences but it is already apparent that seamless gutters are better. We agree, and we are willing to expound on this.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Seamless Gutters

There are different styles of gutters that you can use for your house, like K-shape and half-round gutters. However, when it comes to types, there are only two: seamed gutters and seamless gutters. Here are some reasons why you should choose the latter.

1. No Leaks

Seamless gutters aren’t installed part by part, so there are no gaps where water can go through. Water leaks may seem harmless, but they could cause serious problems at your house, like flooding. If you don’t want to ruin the quality as well as the look of your house, consider seamless gutters, especially if you can afford them.

2. Custom Made

Seamless gutters are made on site using a special machine, and they are made considering the size and shape of your roof, so there’s no reason for them not to fit (it is a different story if the contractor took wrong measurements). This is the reason why they are not prone to leaks and are less likely to get clogged.

3. Worth the Cost

Seamless gutters are quite expensive, but they aren’t expensive for no reason at all. They are more difficult to install than seamed gutters, but they are more durable and less demanding than them too. You don’t have to deal with leaks and clogs frequently with them, you see. That said, if you aren’t on a tight budget, we suggest that you choose seamless gutters.

4. Available in Many Colours

Paint won’t negatively affect seamless gutters, so if you want to add colours onto them so they blend into your house exterior, that’s fine. Just make sure that you choose the paint that is of good quality so it lasts. If you want the result to look flawless and you know that it is beyond your capability, call in professional painters. (We can add a link to some of your other lead generation sites that are about painting.)

5. Low Maintenance

You don’t have to check your seamless gutters after every rainfall to see if there is anything that should be repaired because, well, your house was the focus when they were still in the process of construction. They were made considering a lot of possibilities that might occur that involve your gutters, so rest assured that they won’t break at a single blow!

All gutters need to be maintained and cleaned every now and then, so call professional gutter cleaners like Gutter Cleaning Perth to perform the job.